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Every other Wednesday, I will post a reflection on the landscape of grief. This blog isn't just for widowers. It's for everyone who grieves. I want to encourage people to share their stories and compassion with each other, build up a community of support, and help everyone understand the trauma that death brings.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Talking To the Trees

Recently I heard that a friend had received bad news about cancer and I thought, “I’ll go out and talk to the trees.”

Bear with me a moment, my serious, organized-religion friends.

I used to light candles, think of those who needed support, and prayed. I still do, but talking to the trees seemed to be the right thing to do here.

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  1. Really good advice and beautifully put. Cheers!

  2. Fully in agreement with you .I too oftenly in the morning talk to trees and find tremendous solace.

    1. When I was young, I would climb high into the trees and sit for hours feeling at home. My love for trees continues.