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Every other Wednesday, I will post a reflection on the landscape of grief. This blog isn't just for widowers. It's for everyone who grieves. I want to encourage people to share their stories and compassion with each other, build up a community of support, and help everyone understand the trauma that death brings.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Purpose of Grief

Earlier this year, Linda Schreyer interviewed me for Writers’ Talks at Studio West in Los Angeles. In our preliminary chitchat, Linda brought up a number of great questions. We did not get around to all of them during our delightful talk. This is my answer to one of the unasked.

You can listen to the interview at http://t.co/9OWGGScNds

What is the purpose of grief?

In practical terms, grief moves us from dwelling with death to where we embrace the wonder of life again.

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