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Every other Wednesday, I will post a reflection on the landscape of grief. This blog isn't just for widowers. It's for everyone who grieves. I want to encourage people to share their stories and compassion with each other, build up a community of support, and help everyone understand the trauma that death brings.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Spiritual Journey Through Grief

Book: Leaning Into Love, Elaine Mansfield

This book is honest about Elaine and Vic’s life together, honest about the cancer that took his life and their struggles with chemotherapy and medical interventions, and it's honest about grief. That’s what we want from a memoir when matters of life and death are involved. We don’t want sugar. Sugar doesn’t give us real hope. Sugar melts away when tears begin to fall. We want truth because we know that one day we will face what they have gone through, and we want to know what to expect and how to respond.

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  1. Thank you, Mark. What a delicious surprise this is. I just read some quotes from 'Leaning into Love' for NPR's Author's Corner. The producer chose one of the same quotes you chose: “The downward pull of grief persists, but I often touch the slippery edge and rise above instead of being sucked under.” Looking back, I can say my whole experience of handling grief has been one of seeking balance in myself in the way you suggest and balance between dark and light, grief and love, hanging on and new beginnings. I wanted to grieve completely and still have periods when that's what's needed. I also wanted to live well. That's been the harder task, but also has brought the most surprise and joy.