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Monday, July 12, 2010

Grief Lesson From the World Cup

June 23

The referee in the match between the U.S. and Slovenia blows the call and takes the winning goal away. The team and newspapers back home are furious, and the headlines say so in huge, outraged print. But a U.S. commentator says that this human element is one of the beauties of soccer.


Rather than having replays determine everything, he’ll take this uncontrolled dynamic. After watching hours of soccer players run up and down the field bumping, banging, tripping, pulling down, and kicking each other’s legs, I’m beginning to understand. 
It may not always be fair, but soccer is about letting people play, and understanding that there will be rough contact and mistakes by both the players and referees.

It’s also not fair when people die from cancer, or the innocent are hurt because of someone’s negligence, anger, or greed, but it happens more often than we can excuse away. To eliminate this would require so many restrictions that the joy of the human spirit would be eliminated.

Grief is coming to accept that life is sometimes unfair, cruel, and capricious.

This is where compassion comes in.

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