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Every Wednesday I will post something about grief. Sometimes it will be a reflection on an aspect of grief’s landscape. Now and then I will share from my own journey of grief, because in the sharing of our stories we find strength and build a community of people that support one another.

Saturday, April 19, 2014


The dilemma is what to eat for Easter tomorrow that will be special. 

I could celebrate by choosing favorite food from growing up in a German community in Wisconsin, but everything from then seems to have too much fat, salt, sugar, and starch. I could eat something from my years in California, but that seems more healthy than fun. However, if I could find decent sourdough bread, I would be tempted to eat that with cheese, fruit and iced tea.

Bread it will be! But it needs to be special bread, something fresh and made with whole grains, a chewy crust, and nutritious. Something risen to remind me that faith rises today with new hope, the last impediment gone, and that all things now are possible. 
This day will be the first day of what I hope will be many first days, an awareness that life starts fresh each day, and rises like bread to endless possibilities.

Bread – simple, like love and compassion.

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